About the farm


Florelie Seasonal Flowers is a small scale, specialty cut flower farm in Bungaree, near Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.

Positioned on 20 acres we currently grow flowers on about 1 acre of the property. Dahlias are the primary crop with other summer annuals grown to coincide with their flowering season. A smaller crop of spring blooming flowers is also grown including ranunculus and bearded iris.

Each season we curate a collection of beautiful blooms in desirable colours for florists and the general public.

We are delighted to offer Australian gardeners a source for Australian dahlia tubers. Our range of dahlia tubers also includes some of our own new release varieties! You can check out our dahlia tuber availability in our online shop. The shop opening date varies each year depending on our progress with digging and dividing dahlias (usually July-August). You can sign up to emails by clicking the ‘sign up’ button above to be notified of dahlia tuber sales each year as well as receive helpful tips for growing your own gorgeous dahlias too!


Lorelie has always loved flowers however never thought she would become a flower farmer. A gifted bunch of homegrown peonies sparked the dream of growing flowers on their 20 acre property. She continued to work her job as a Speech Pathologist alongside the farm until 2021 when she made the switch to full time flower farming. Breeding dahlias is a particular passion of Lorelie’s and this takes up more space on the farm each year. she loves researching interesting things to grow. Ethan and Lorelie have 3 children.


Hannah has been working with Lorelie and the family since the winter 2020 season digging and dividing dahlias.  After coming back in the winter season of 2021, she stayed on full time. She completed her Bachelor in Agriculture in 2018 and has worked a variety of farm-hand jobs since then.


Hannah lives in Ballarat with her husband, 6 ducks and 4 chickens – as well as a growing plant collection! 


Ethan works full time off the farm as an agronomist for a vegetable seed company. In his “spare time” he helps with farm planning, ground work, crop rotation, irrigation, maintenance and general farm tasks. Without his practical knowledge and expertise the farm would never have got off the ground.