Dahlia colour comparison – Peachy

Dahlia colour comparison – Peachy

Dahlia colours - Peachy

A comparison of peachy dahlias

I was sorting through my photos recently and found some colour comparisons I thought I would share.  I originally took these photos in 2020 just for fun and was playing around with colour combinations. I wasn’t intentionally gathering all the similar colours together for a comparison blog post. I’ve included some varieties in the photos below which also fall into this colour group even though they aren’t pictured in the comparison.

You can find tubers for most of these varieties available in my online store (dahlia tubers are usually available from July-November). Some of the varieties listed here are not available in the online store, this could be because I don’t have many plants of that variety and am still propagating it, because it has been discontinued or because it is a seedling that I am still trialling before release to the public. As a commercial cut flower farm we discontinue varieties at times so they may only be available for one season in the online shop. I’ve listed the varieties below in alphabetical order. I hope you enjoy seeing them together.

Carlos Watermelon / Buckajo Watermelon

A large watermelon coloured bloom with wavy petals. It’s a real standout in a vase or floral installation. Definitely a keeper for cut flowers and that wow factor. Official ID is unknown and it has been sold under both these names.


Coorabell Moonglow

Beautiful blooms which almost seem to be glowing with their golden undertones. I find this variety to be quite productive and it has lovely long stems for picking. Definitely recommend for cut flowers. Flowers can be more peachy or golden.


Bracken Glenda

Golden apricot blooms. This variety has been a staple for us since I started growing dahlias. 



There seem to be a few different strains of Breannon floating around in Australia. Some have a tendency to throw a combination of double and semi double blooms while other stock produces double flowers consistently. I originally had the stock producing mixed blooms but have swapped to stock which reliably produces the fuller flowers that I prefer.


Florelie Fruit Tingle

A warm toned bloom in shades of coral, gold and peach. Blooms can be any combination of these colours with some being entirely gold and others the eye catching combination of colours. Released 2020.


Florelie Harmony

Lemon overlayed with peachy pink. Good stems for picking. Released 2020.


Florelie Mallacoota

Variegated flowers. Petals are orange with red flecks. Released 2020.


Florelie Oracle

Dusty pink with little gold tips. Excellent cut flower. A personal favourite. Released 2021.


Florelie Raspberry Cheesecake

Flowers are a dusty lemon with burgundy streaks. From a distance they have a brownish appearance. Early to start flowering on our farm and consistently productive throughout the season. Great cut flower. Released 2020.


Florelie Seastar

Coral and orange blooms. Long flowering season, often both the first and last to start flowering on our farm. More suited to the garden than commercial cut flowers. Released 2020.


Florelie Strawberry Shortcake

This plant throws a combination of semi double and fully double flowers. Flowers are a combination of pale pink and lemon. If you like a cottage garden type feel or want more delicate, wild feeling blooms these might be just what you are after. Released 2020.


Formby Quest

More watermelon pink than peachy. This one is showing promise in my trials. We are still building up stock.

Glenmarc Sahara

Large, rusty orange flowers. Perfect for those autumn toned arrangements. 


Granite Peachy

Warm orange and gold toned flowers. 


Merton’s Peach Single

Single peachy coloured flowers with a delicate, cottage garden style feel. Released 2020.


Parklea KB1

Warm rich peachy toned flowers.


Salmon Joy

Pale salmon coloured blooms. Tiny gold tips on the petals. Always a popular colour with florists.


Stevan’s Lindy

Solid peachy coloured blooms.


Tropical Dream

Gorgeous flowers in salmon and white. Popular colour with florists. White tips can have a tendency to burn in the sun. Possibly more suited to a partially shaded position.

Below is an annotated copy of the photo from the top with the flower heads laid out to see the variance in colour, shape and size 

So which peachy dahlia will you add to your garden or farm? I hope that these comparisons have helped you to see subtle differences between colour, shape and characteristics in these dahlias and identify which ones you might be most interested in growing. You can purchase tubers for most of these varieties in my online shop sometime between July-November each year.

If you have a question that I didn’t answer please send me an email at hello@florelie.com.au and let me know, chances are there are others who are wondering the exact same thing and I can include it in the FAQ section below for future readers.

Happy growing!


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Lorelie / Florelie

Lorelie Merton. Flower farmer. Cut flower grower and dahlia tuber seller at Florelie Seasonal Flowers in Bungaree, near Ballarat, Victoria Australia. Dahlia grower, Australian dahlia tuber sales.
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John McGregor
John McGregor
10 months ago

What a wonderful collection.

Sinead O’Kelly
Sinead O’Kelly
10 months ago

Beautiful Blog, do you deliver tubers to Ireland?

Coralie Bond
Coralie Bond
10 months ago

They are all so beautiful ! I love them all !