Dahlia colour comparison – Purple and Pink

Dahlia colour comparison – Purple and Pink

Dahlia colours - Pink and Purple

A comparison of pink and purple dahlias

Pinks and Purples… I’ve realised that I left a lot of varieties out of this colour comparison – I originally took these photos just for fun and was playing around with colour combinations. I wasn’t intentionally gathering all the similar colours together for a comparison blog post. Some varieties are notably absent even though they are available in the 2020 tuber sale but hopefully this information is still helpful. I’ve also included some varieties not included in the photo comparison for your reference as well.

You can find tubers for most of these varieties available in my online store (dahlia tubers are usually available from July-November). Some of the varieties listed here are not available in the online store, this could be because I don’t have many plants of that variety and am still propagating it or because it is a seedling that I am still trialling before release to the public. As a commercial cut flower farm we also discontinue varieties at times so they may only be available for one season in the online shop. I’ve listed the varieties below in alphabetical order.

Coorbell Zoe

A new addition to the farm this beautiful flower is a pale lavender with white tips. The nicest flower I have tried in a pale lavender-purple so far. It’s showing a lot of promise. Not available for sale in 2020 as we are multiplying our stock. 


Devon Challenger

Medium pink flowers borne on strong, dark stems. A strong plant. Flowers seem quite dense with tightly packed petals however despite heavy flowers they do not hang their heads.


Devon Choice

Pinky-purple flowers. Petals have pointed tips. Darker stems are a lovely feature to contrast against the foliage.

Devon Desire

Pale purple flowers. Petals have pointed tips. A shorter grower in my experience. Not included in the photo comparison but slightly smaller than Devon Choice pictured above.

Devon Saigon

Pinky purple flowers. Quite productive. New to the farm and still under evaluation. The plant habit is healthy and strong. 


Devon Ultimate

A new addition to the farm this year and we are still evaluating this one. It is a beautiful dark purple/cyclamen toned flower with paler reverse of petals. Quite striking.  Flowers are quite large and are borne on a shorter plant. Not for sale in 2020 as we are multiplying stock.


Florelie Boysenberry

This one caught my eye from the very first flower that opened in the seedling row. Darker towards the center and edged in pale purple the flowers are very dramatic. It is a smaller flower and a miniature decorative in form. A personal favourite. Released 2020.


Florelie Cafe Violette

The largest flower in this comparison study. She was grown from a seed collected from the famous Cafe au lait and has the same ruffly petals and variation in colour as her mother. Flowers vary in colour from almost cyclamen to a pale violet colour. It is slightly later to flower than Cafe au lait on our farm and is a taller plant. Released 2020.


Florelie Jeanette

Beautiful flowers in shades of purple. Even the darker petals are still edged with pale purple which gives it a striking appearance. Slightly shorter plant. Released 2020.


Florelie Novice

Purple ball shaped blooms. A seedling we selected in our very first year growing dahlias from seed. Very tall, vigorous plant. Not included in the photo comparison however it is similar in size to Devon Saigon, perhaps a little larger. Released 2020.


Florelie Strawberry Shortcake

This plant throws a combination of semi double and fully double flowers. Flowers are a combination of pale pink and lemon. If you like a cottage garden type feel or want more delicate, wild feeling blooms these might be just what you are after. Released 2020.


Florelie Watercolour

Petals appear as if they have been hand painted in watercolour. Some blooms have more white on them and others more pink or purple. Released 2020.


Gambier Jane

White with purple tips. Good long stems for cutting.


Gordon Lockwood

Not included in the photographic comparison. The same shape and size as Worton Willo without the paler reverse on the petals. Productive bloomer.


Jenny’s Treasure

One of the best pinks we have trialled to date. Medium pink petals with gold tips. Flowers face slightly more upwards on their stems than a lot of varieties which makes it ideal for including in bunches. Dark stems are an attractive feature. Bred in Australia by Jenny Parish from Country Dahlias.


Kiara Pompadour

A pale purple bloom. A slightly shorter plant in my experience.


Lavender Beauty

A pale purple bloom. Plants produce a mass of lavender flowers. A very productive plant. 


Pride of Place

Dark burgundy-purple pompon. 


Worton Willo

Cyclamen coloured pompon with white on the reverse of the petals.


Below is an annotated copy of the photo from the top with the flower heads laid out to see the variance in colour, shape and size 

So which purple or pink dahlia will you add to your garden or farm? I hope that these comparisons have helped you to see subtle differences between colour, shape and characteristics in these dahlias and identify which ones you might be most interested in growing. You can purchase tubers for most of these varieties in my online shop sometime between July-November each year.

If you have a question that I didn’t answer please send me an email at hello@florelie.com.au and let me know, chances are there are others who are wondering the exact same thing and I can include it in the FAQ section below for future readers.

Happy growing!


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1 year ago

This blog post is pretty much my wish list for shopping at your next tuber sale. These colours are so beautiful.