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Dahlia colour comparison – Blush

Dahlia colours - Blush & White

A comparison of blush and white dahlias

Blush has got to be the most popular colour on the market for cut flowers right now. It seems that every grower is looking for that perfect soft pastel beauty! If you grow for cut flowers or are connected to the wedding industry then even more so! I’m no different and since I supply a large number of cut flowers to the wedding and events industry (well at least I did pre -COVID-19) I have also been hunting down various varieties to try which will make florists and brides alike go weak at the knees.

You can find tubers for most of these varieties available in my online store (dahlia tubers are usually available from July-November). Some of the varieties listed here are not available in the online store, this could be because I don’t have many plants of that variety and am still propagating it or because it is a seedling that I am still trialling before release to the public. As a commercial cut flower farm we also discontinue varieties at times so they may only be available for one season in the online shop. I’ve listed the varieties below in alphabetical order.

Boundary Snowflake

Of the plants included in this comparison Boundary Snowflake is the tallest, most vigorous variety that I grow. I love this variety for that reason alone! It’s a great tuber maker too and had consistently large clumps in the 2020 dig. It is a creamy white with lemon hints which is not always ideal for wedding work if you are after a pure white bloom. This one remains a staple on our farm due to its plant health and long stems with are ideal for picking.

Cafe Au Lait

Is there a dahlia grower who hasn’t come across this variety yet? She has been affectionately called the ‘queen’ of dahlias and I can absolutely understand why. Large, fluffy blooms in shades of latte, palest pink, ivory and soft apricot. A must grow for anyone in the wedding industry. This was the dahlia that hooked me and was the first one I ever owned (you can all see how addicted I have become since then! haha). I nearly squealed in excitement when I found out we could get it in Australia! I immediately bought some and grew them in pots at our rental before we even moved to our farm. Large informal decorative blooms stop people in their tracks to admire her petals and delicate colouring. A must grow for cut flowers and garden beauty

Clara Thora

Clara Thora has beautiful blooms which open white and the outer petals turn blush pink as the bloom opens. It is a shorter plant in my experience. Flowers sometimes have a downward tilt which can be frustrating as a commercial cut flower grower but the colour is beautiful!

Coconut Ice

Large, fluffy blooms in white with a pale pink blush. The colouring on this one is truly beautiful. A good sized plant and healthy tuber maker. The official ID of this bloom is unknown, I purchased my initial stock from Celine at Floral by Nature.

Coorabell Alpine

A new addition to the farm we are still evaluating this one’s potential. It is a clearer white without lemon/creamy tints. I look forward to seeing it again next season.

Coorabell Francis

Medium sized blooms in a pure white. I have found this one is prone to more open centered blooms.

Devon Casper

Large white petals with a touch of cream at the base of them. A slightly shorter plant.

Devon Seattle

A large pale pink and white bloom. Beautiful flower form. Flowers are sometimes more pink and others are more creamy-blush.

Glenmarc Margaret

A productive variety with miniature flowers on the pale lavender end of the spectrum. I think this one is a beauty and am currently multiplying my stock.

Joy Burkitt

A waterlily form with large white flowers. A tall vigorous plant which requires staking. The variety isn’t pictured in the comparison photo however it would be a similar size to Devon Casper and Clara Thora

Megan Dean

Ball shaped bloom overlaid with a touch of blush, sometimes more lavender than pink. A very elegant bloom and perfect for weddings. Shorter plant in my experience

Powder Puff

Powder puff is a beautiful variety, a very pale blush with a hint of lemon. It matches very well with Cafe au lait and is lovely for weddings. I found it to be a shorter grower. I’m so disappointed that I had to pull all of my stock due to virus in 2020. I no longer have this one in my collection. I don’t have a photo to include here.

Below is an annotated copy of the photo from the top with the flower heads laid out to see the variance in colour, shape and size 

So which blush dahlia are you going to add to your collection? Are you growing for your own enjoyment? Or are you in the wedding industry? I hope that these comparisons have helped you to see subtle differences between colour, shape and characteristics in these dahlias and identify which ones you might be most interested in growing. You can purchase tubers for most of these varieties in my online shop sometime between July-November each year.

If you have a question that I didn’t answer please send me an email at and let me know, chances are there are others who are wondering the exact same thing and I can include it in the FAQ section below for future readers.

Happy growing!


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