Dahlia Tuber Sale. Frequently Asked Questions

Dahlia Tuber Sale. Frequently Asked Questions

Tuber sale questions

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Every year we get a number of questions about the dahlia tuber sale. Please take a moment to read through this important information.

1. Why did some tubers disappear from my cart?

Adding a tuber to your cart does NOT mean it is reserved for you. Tuber inventory is not adjusted until you have checked out and paid for your items. I know this is incredibly frustrating as tuber stock gets low and things disappear from your cart as others check out. This is out of my control and I am sorry. If there is a variety you REALLY want make sure you check out with that first. Unfortunately that will create multiple orders, that will not be combined, but at least you will get what you want.

2. Can I combine postage for my orders?

If you place multiple orders you will be charged shipping for each order. I am unable to combine orders. There is no easy way to do it through the website as shipping costs are calculated by weight. You can place as many individual orders as you like.

3. All the varieties are showing as sold out! Did I miss the sale?

All tubers will show as sold out or may not be visible until the sale starts. The sale is usually late July-early August. Email subscribers will be the first ones notified when the online shop opens. Once inventory is released you will be able to see what is available. If you see sold out after November/December then yes, those varieties are sold out.

4. Are tubers sold individually or in clumps?

Tubers are sold individually, not in clumps. All prices are for one tuber. Occasionally tubers are sold with 2 attached together or in a small cluster depending on where the eye is. Tuber size varies.

5. I received some varieties that look small. Will they grow?

Yes. Tubers are not bulbs. Size does not matter with tubers. In my experience tubers the size of a AAA battery or larger will produce a full sized plant in one season and I have even planted smaller than that with success. Tuber size and characteristics vary across varieties with some plants producing long skinny tubers and others producing small fat ones etc. This is in the plants DNA and specific characteristics and is not within my control. Smaller tubers can in fact be quicker to start growing than larger ones as they have less stored energy to rely on and have to establish a root system more quickly. We try to provide customers with the best, healthiest tubers we can and size does vary. We do not ship out anything we would not be happy to plant ourselves.

6. I missed out on some varieties I wanted. Will they be restocked?

There is a chance some varieties will be restocked in early spring after we have finished packing initial orders and when we check remaining tubers in storage to see what is viable. I will email subscribers if varieties are restocked as well as post on social media.

7. One of my tubers didn’t grow. Can I get a refund?

Please check your tubers on arrival and contact us if you have any concerns as soon as possible. Please reply to your email confirmation or email hello@florelie.com.au with any concerns. Please do not message via social media as it is harder to keep track of. Please include photos of any concerns you have. If we have additional tubers of that variety available we will send a replacement or come to an alternative agreement. Tubers should grow and flower within the season. Once tubers have been planted we cannot guarantee a replacement or refund as growing conditions vary considerably and are out of our control.

8. Do you ship internationally?

We are only able to ship within Australia (excluding WA and TAS). We do not offer international shipping.

9. How much is shipping? 

Shipping is calculated based on the number of tubers you order and the estimated weight. The cost is between $14-32. You can find a rough estimate by clicking on the ‘shipping’ link at the bottom of the page.

10. Do you offer wholesale pricing?

At this stage we do not offer wholesale pricing. Some varieties will have a bulk purchase option which gives a discount for purchasing larger quantities.



Thank you for your support of our flower farm. We hope you love growing your new dahlias!


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Lorelie Merton. Flower farmer. Cut flower grower and dahlia tuber seller at Florelie Seasonal Flowers in Bungaree, near Ballarat, Victoria Australia. Dahlia grower, Australian dahlia tuber sales.
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2 months ago

Interesting site, but why do I see only OUTOF STOCK instead of the next sale, so I know when to check back to order?