field grown flowers for your designs

Local, Seasonal, Fresh

Thank you for your interest in buying locally grown cut flowers. We have a real passion for researching and supplying unique flowers in desireable colours to florists. We love seeing the designs created by florists just like you with our field grown flowers.

Please contact us directly to be added to our dedicated florist email  list which contains product pricing, availability and photos. We do not email on a regular basis, only when something new is starting to flower. You can contact me via instagram @florelieseasonalflowers or by emailing

Our farm is relatively small in the scheme of things. Dahlias are our main crop, of which we grow around 5,500 plants. Our main harvest season intentionally coincides with dahlia flowering and includes scabiosa, zinnias, phlox, achillea, feverfew, amaranth, celosia and strawflower. The dahlias usually flower from Feb-April each year dependent upon weather (frost will damage them). We currently only grow a limited number of crops outside of this harvest window however intend to expand our offerings in the future. 

If you have a large order with specific colour requests, advance notice is appreciated so that we can cater to your needs. Last minute orders are also welcome and we will do our best to accommodate these wherever possible.

Sustainability is important to us, so flowers are usually provided as loose stems in buckets of water unless rubber bands are specifically requested for bunches. We do not wrap flowers in plastic sleeves. Most flowers are sold with a price 'per stem' to allow minimal wastage and to be flexible with potential smaller quantities of certain crops.

At this stage we offer very limited delivery with the majority of customers collecting their blooms straight from the farm in Bungaree, Vic.

Thank you so much for your interest in and support of local flowers. It really means a lot and we love sharing this passion with likeminded flower lovers! If you ever have suggestions or requests for certain plants or colours you would like to see us grow, please don't hesitate to reach out. We love looking into future possibilities!