New Release Dahlias 2023

New Release Dahlias 2023

We are delighted to share our 2023 new release dahlias with you!

We have 11 beautiful new additions joining the line up this year. From small and delicate like Florelie Peggy through to the large bold blooms of Florelie Candice.

Breeding new dahlia varieties known as 'cultivars' is a time consuming process. We evaluate new cultivars for 3 seasons before naming and releasing them to the public. During this time MANY plants are discarded along the way before we can present to you those we have selected. Please note plant heights are approximate as they are affected by so many things within your own unique growing conditions such as soil, water, shade, wind, support and how often you cut the flowers. They are provided here as a guide only.

We hope you enjoy this years selection:

Florelie Antique

The colouring of this bloom is very similar to that of the popular Cafe au lait. A very muted peachy-beige.

Blooms have a high petal count and maintain a tight center throughout the season. Muted tones like parchment with a kiss of strawberry in the center of the flower and on the backs of the petals.

We can forsee this becoming a popular bloom with our wedding and event florists due to its delicate colouring and ability to blend with so many other colours (not pictured in the comparison photo).

Classification: Small decorative

Plant Height: Approx 130cm

Florelie Balaton

Blooms are brushed with streaks and flecks of burgundy over a dusty pink base. Similar in colouring to Florelie Morello but a more formal shape. Upright stems and a strong bloom attachment.  Blooms develop a caramel hue starting at the center as they age.

Classification: Miniature decorative

Plant Height: Approx 120cm

Florelie Candice 

Large blooms in deep watermelon with petals occasionally brushed with a soft peachy orange. Blooms definitely have the 'wow factor' in the garden. Blooms are held atop strong darkly coloured stems. Bloom centers can be neat and symmetrical or ruffly and informal.

Classification: Medium-large informal decorative

Plant Height: approx 120cm

Florelie Grace

A delicate looking bloom in pale lemon with a blush of pink overlaying the pointed petals. The degree of pink blush varies throughout the season with some blooms entirely lemon. A great angle on the bloom and a cheerful flower.

Classification: Small informal decorative

Plant Height: Approx 120cm

Florelie Honey Red

Soft peach blooms covered in flecks and streaks of crimson. An eye catching autumnal combination of colours. A shorter grower which makes a stunning garden plant. Blooms age well on the plant providing an abundance of colour.

Not recommended for commercial cut flowers due to the shorter plant height but a beautiful garden plant which will produce an abundance of cut flowers for the home if you desire.

Classification: Miniature informal decorative

Plant Height: Approx 60cm

Florelie Kahuna 

Large fluffy blooms like scoops of icecream swirled with berries. Flowers are held atop strong stems and plants consistently produce blooms throughout the season. Flecks are a combination of dark pink and a cool pink.

Classification: Small - Medium informal decorative

Plant Height: Approx 110cm

Florelie Nimbus

Cloud like blooms in white with pointed petal tips on a tall plant. Strong stems support flowers making it a wonderful cut flower.

Classification: Small informal decorative

Plant Height: 140cm

Florelie Omen

Rich watermelon pink blooms with tiny orange tips on the petals. Darkly coloured stems offset the bloom colour nicely.

Classification: Miniature formal decorative

Plant Height: 130cm

Florelie Peggy

The palest pink brings these delicate blooms to life. Flowers are held atop strong stems and have a great bloom angle, perfect for bouquet making and floral arrangements. We recommend picking these blooms early as they can have a tendency to burn in the sun.

Classification: Miniature decorative

Plant Height: 120cm

Florelie Quince

Rusty, watermelon blooms with petals tipped with gold. Productive plants  produce easy to pick flowers on long stems at a great angle. Excellent cut flower.

Classification: Miniature decorative

Plant Height: 130cm

Florelie Tiara

Neat blooms with an ivory center blending to lavender petals at the back. The delicate ombre transition of colour adds elegance to these blooms.

Classification: Miniature formal decorative

Plant Height: 120cm

We hope you enjoy our new release cultivars and look forward to seeing them blooming in your garden in the future.

Let us know in the comments below which one is your favourite.

The Florelie Team.

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