New release varieties 2021

New release varieties 2021

We are delighted to introduce you to our 2021 new release dahlias!

Releasing a new dahlia from our farm takes 3 years of growing and evaluating, discarding varieties along the way until we find the ones which prove they are keepers!

Florelie Joy 
A bright pink bloom with peachy undertones and a purpley center. Miniature decorative. 

Florelie Oracle
Dusty pink with little gold tips. Excellent cut flower, reliable and productive. A personal favourite as well as very popular with the florists we supply. 

Florelie Pirouette
A beautiful pastel pink dahlia with a pale lemony centre. Florelie Pirouette has consistent, satisfying blooms. It's always a vigorous plant that looks like a lush hedge planted out in a row.

Florelie Rosetta
A lovely bright red and a great cut flower variety. Ball shaped blooms are firm to the touch and long lasting in the vase. 

Florelie Sunburst
A bright yellow decorative bloom. This variety was an exclusive release to workshop attendees in 2021 and a competition was held to name the variety. It will be released to the public in 2022.

Florelie Queen of Hearts
A rich plum tone with a high petal count. Plants are productive and consistently flower throughout the season. We'd recommend this as a garden variety but not for a flower farm. Stem length is slightly shorter than required for commercial cut flowers but fine for cutting and putting in a vase at home. The layers of petals remind us of the Victorian 'ruff' - a pleated collar historically worn by the elite including kings and queens of England. 

We hope you have loved reading about these new varieties we are releasing in 2021.

You can purchase tubers for most of these varieties in the online shop sometime between July-November each year.

If you have a question that we didn't answer please send us an email at and let us know, chances are there are others who are wondering the exact same thing and we can include it in the FAQ section below for future readers.

Happy growing!


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